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Royce Addhair is a professional hair replacement center, has more than ten years of weaving hair experience and bonding experience, is focusing on solving problems of thin hair, baldness, and hair loss. To provide the best of hair replacement sevice, our weaving experts are constantly attending training courses. So we absolutely can grasp the latest hair technologies.

  • In order to protect customer privacy, our services are including privacy rooms for every customers.
  • Perfect hair replacement are always existing in every events or activities such as entertainment, dancing, works, sports and parties) can show off the flawless hair weave as natural hair.
  • Create your look and would feel more like natural hair. You can style it or going out for swim or whatever you do like before .
  • Flattering , Unique look you'll love it.
  • We have many years of experience for the hair restoration and bonding services which are helping customers in getting back their self- confidence , getting back their natural hair. As a result, you will have a younger look.
  • We have a stock or custom-made hair pieces, toupee and professional medical wigs.