Medical wigs

Medical wigs

Royce addhair have face different kind of medical hair loss problem, such as electrotherapy, chemotherapy, immune system disorders, and so on. Through ten years of sales experience in medical wigs, we know that the faithful need , so we keep improve our technology and services to support our client to have natural hair wig.  

A natural, comfortable and feminine medical wig give back a confidences .It can help them to face their dark day and get back the normal life.

We have plenty of ready-made hair wig for Men, Women and Child , Wellcome to try our hair products

Each medical wig has been specifically designed to fit your personal style

Medical wigs have below elements:

  • the lightest, soft and breathable material
  • Non-slip material
  • Design the size of the wig
  • Natural hair line
  • Look like real skin
  • Adjustable size of wig